2021 – Activity and sustainable development report

3 questions for Catherine Guillouard

"Digital technology is everywhere here, it is one of the drivers for change in our profession."

This is a historic time for our industrial and maintenance activities. Through the investments made by our public transport authority (€1 billion over ten years), we are in the process of transforming our industrial facilities to prepare for the massive arrival of new rolling stock, line extensions and the opening to competition. Everything is progressing very quickly!

To bring our industrial excellence system up to the standards of the “workshop of the future”, we create “model” maintenance lines, then we replicate them: we have gone from the first four “model” lines in 2020 to approximately twenty in 2022. Each new line is an opportunity to go further, faster, to speed up the move towards the workshop of the future.

Digitisation and innovation are also transforming our ways of working by improving the ergonomics of workstations, with the use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), automated trolleys borrowed from other sectors such as aeronautics, the car industry, postal services and hospitals. We carry out predictive maintenance based on data from sensors embedded in trains or on the tracks. Use of tablets by operators is now widespread. And we are using 3D printing to make some of our spare parts.

I take great pleasure in getting up in the morning to go to work, because this dynamic for change is really driven by the highly motivated and professional teams. Things move so quickly that we sometimes feel like we are working in a start‑up!

Everyone is aware of our shared responsibility: the choices made today and our current momentum are the basis for our future performance. They determine our ability to remain masters of our destiny.