2021 – Activity and sustainable development report



3 QUESTIONS FOR CATHERINE GUILLOUARD, RATP Group Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer

What does commitment mean for a Group such as yours?

Catherine Guillouard: It is, first of all, the strength of a collective, united around a driving purpose that truly reflects it, a collective that, despite the health crisis, has succeeded in making the investments necessary to maintain, upgrade and develop the Île‑de‑France region network. In 2021, we delivered a very important project for the daily life of passengers: the renovation of RER line A tracks and ballast. We continued with other much‑awaited projects, such as the extension of metro line 4 to Bagneux (in parallel with the automation of the line) and the extensions of metro lines 12 to Aubervilliers and 14 to Orly.

With the achievement of “Exemplary” level in “Committed to CSR” certification in 2022, this mobilisation at the service of the sustainable city is truly our driving force and our pride. It puts us in a very favourable position for the opening of our sector to competition.

"Our commitment to better city living was further strengthened in 2021."
RATP Group Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer